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Records are concepts that apply to professional competitions or personal evolution, but in both cases there is something motivational about them. In the much wider context of weightlifting contests, records should normally stimulate an athlete to improve personal performance. Moreover, weight lifting records are also closely connected with the idea of absolute strength given the fact that in heavy weight classes, the athletes tend to lift heavier and heavier weights. Calculations per sports category matter for the expression of weightlifting records, but they also serve for other purposes too. Based on these ratings, formulas are further used to determine the weightlifters' strength level.

The speed is relevant for the execution and the performance of the exercises. Not only the weights but also the capacity to keep the barbell in the lifted position for as long as possible is also highly important. The official weightlifting records are kept by special organizations and anyone interested can check the archives and find out the details of one competition or another. Olympic weightlifting records deserve the highest form of appreciation although personal records should not be neglected either.

The peaks of force training can be identified and analyzed based on personal training logs. All beginners start from a standard level, but mass building evolution is different from case to case. Some weightlifters improve physical condition sooner than others. Personal weight lifting records can best reveal the progress made and the time in between results. When talking about amateurish training, strength, body looks and muscle growth seem to overlap in a common, complex goal. The objective analysis of the success is not possible unless personal weightlifting records are taken seriously.

Don't forget the fact that weight training is just one part of a complex muscle growth process. Lifestyle, diet, rest and overall program are just as important for a good physical development. Weightlifting records serve for no purpose unless you take them for future reference and as a means to stimulate your personal evolution. An alarm bell should ring for anyone who tries to achieve great muscle mass fast and chaotically. When there is no clear bodybuilding program, a real technique or a definite approach, there is no relevance to be found in weightlifting records.

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Weightlifting Records

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This article was published on 2010/03/26