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There are many recording studios in London which provides best facility. The main emphasis in recording studio is on sound acoustics and room treatments. With the help of computers and other advance technology, whole process of recording can be done in home studios but with real orchestral people recording studio is necessary. Along with good acoustics, there is also the issue of aesthetics. A recording studio has all facilities for sound recording and mixing. Studio control room must be with mixing console, monitors, speakers and MIDI workstations. Optimum acoustic isolation means absorption of reflected sound totally. A studio or live room where instrumentalists and vocalists perform and a control room where professional audio equipment for either analogue or digital recording, routing and manipulating the sound. There may be smaller rooms called "isolation booths" present to accommodate loud instruments such as drums or electric guitar, to keep these sounds from being audible to the microphones that are capturing the sounds from other instruments, or to provide "drier" rooms for recording vocals or quieter acoustic instruments.

Equipment found in a recording studio commonly includes variety of equipments like Mixing console, Multitrack recorder, Microphones, Reference monitors, which are loudspeakers with a flat frequency response, Keyboard, Acoustic drum kit, Equipment may include - Digital audio workstation, Music workstation, On Air or Recording Light, Outboard effects, such as compressors, reverbs, or equalizers etc.

Now a day computers play a lead role in the recording process, being able to replace the mixing consoles, recorders, synthesizers, Splers and sound effects devices. A computer thus outfitted is called a Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW. Popular audio-recording software includes Apple Logic Pro, Dig design’s Pro Tools— near standard for most professional studios—Cubase and Nuendo both by Steinberg, MOTU Digital Performer—popular for MIDI. Other software applications include Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar, ACID Pro, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Audacity, and Adour.

A small, personal recording studio is sometimes called a project studio or home studio. Such studios usually used by an individual artist, or are used as a non-commercial hobby. The first modern project studios came into being during the mid 1980s, with the advent of affordable multi track recording devices, synthesizers and microphones. The phenomenon has flourished with falling prices of MIDI equipment and accessories, as well as inexpensive direct to disk recording products.

There are variations in isolation concept, including a portable standalone isolation booth, a compact guitar speaker isolation cabinet, or a larger guitar speaker cabinet isolation box. A gobo panel achieves the same idea to a much more moderate extent; for example, a drum kit that is too loud in the live room or on stage can have acrylic glass see-through gobo panels placed around it to deflect the sound into the other microphones, allowing more independent control of each instrument channel at the mixing board.

Radio studio: Radio studios are very similar to recording studios, particularly in the case of production studios which are not normally used on-air. This type of studio would normally have all of the same equipment that any other audio recording studio would have, particularly if it is at a large station, or at a combined facility that houses a station group, but is designed for groups of people to work collaboratively in a live to air situation. Broadcast studios also use many of the same principles such as sound isolation, with adaptations suited to the live on-air nature of their use. Such equipment would commonly include a telephone hybrid for putting telephone calls on the air.

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Understandings on Recording Studio in London

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Understandings on Recording Studio in London

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