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There was a time when setting up a recording studio needed a considerable investment and a very large space. With the revolution in acoustic and recording technology, the prices of equipment needed to record and mix sounds have decreased dramatically. Now, setting up a recording studio and profiting from it has become one of the most popular home-based businesses.

Entrepreneurs who have some knowledge of sound recording and mixing can actually set up a recording studio at home and make money from it. There are people who go for a partnership business with friends who are experts in sound recording. And with the vast amount of information available on the Internet about recording studios, they are really not difficult to set up and operate. Let us now take a look at the three steps of setting up a recording studio business and profiting from it.

Clear up a space

The first thing that you need is a suitable amount of space. Remember, the difference between a small, home-based studio and a large studio is often the amount of recording area available. As a home-based recording studio, you are definitely not expected to have an enormous recording area. However you need to clear up a good amount of space and divide it into a recording area and a control room. Also, you have to make the room relatively soundproof and treat the walls to improve the sound quality. There are cheap ways to do all of this, but it's beyond the scope of this article.

Set up equipment

The next step is to buy and set up the recording equipment. The most basic equipment that you will need include a computer, recording software, preamps and good quality microphones. In order to buy high quality recording equipment, you will need to spend around $10,000. But that isn't necessary for a small studio. If you already have some gear, just fill in the gaps with a few quality pieces. One good microphone or a nice pair of monitor speakers can really improve your studio. Either you or somebody else involved with the business should have sufficient knowledge to set up the equipment and operate them.


In order to advertise for your recording studio, first determine what kind of work you are going to do. Are you going to limit yourself to the local music bands and artists or will extend your service to animation films, sound effects of websites, radio voice-over and so on and so forth? Then advertise your studio business accordingly. The key is to be patient and not compromise on quality. You will soon be flooded with clients.

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Profiting in the Recording Studio Business

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This article was published on 2010/03/30