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Ensuring public safety and emergency preparedness hinge on having comprehensive approaches to readiness and contingency planning. And, whether a private security firm or a local police department, fully reliable access to phone and telecommunication records is vital for preparing any emergency response plan. A digital telephone recording suite can provide supervisors and planners with 1st responding agencies the means for training dispatchers and citizen service agents, monitoring ongoing response efforts, and capturing and keeping detailed logs and files for each and every conversation had.

Voice recording systems can be tailored to fit any public safety entity or private security firm's needs. Officials can store and transfer audio files to multiple destinations via email and/or FTP. They can archive files to DVDs, CDs, and/or flash drives for easy portability. Redundant power supplies and RAID hard disk compatibility ensure seamless function even during power blackouts and other emergency situations. Moreover, telephone recorder API's can be integrated with database repositories for automated call storage and sorting, and reporting. These are important customizations for available for all users.

Security features abound, too. Recording files are subject to recording checksum to ensure non-violation and unauthorized usage. Visual and audio sensors can also be employed, providing an alarm notification in the event of illegitimate use or access. Live monitoring availability can be tiered based on successive layers of administrative rights, so that only certain officials are privy to the most sensitive or confidential conversations. In summation, system administrators can draw on a number of available tools to accentuate their telephone voice recording platform and make it nearly ironclad against improper access and usage.

A digital telephone voice recorder can provide public safety officials and administrators from a variety of sectors, including fire, police, 911 dispatch, and EMS, a secure platform for promoting safety (through enhanced dispatcher, agent training facilitation features) and ensuring safety (through reliable capture of important conversations and monitoring of vital multiple-source communication channels) during times of challenge and pivotal decision making. Private sector, security oriented firms can access these same benefits. Telephone voice recording solutions rise to the moment, allowing public safety and emergency personnel to confidently do their jobs, knowing they have a trusted technology "partner" behind them.

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Phone Call Recording - Record Phone Calls For Public Safety

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This article was published on 2010/03/30