Good Spots To Search For Ex-Wives On The Internet

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Go Through Social Networking Websites

People adore social networks. That’s likely one of the most undeniable facts of human existence. Like moths drawn to a candle flame, many people find it hard to keep themselves from posting on a forum discussion, signing up for a Facebook group page or setting up a profile on MySpace. People want to be part of a social circle and you can take advantage of that fact to track someone down.

You can kick off your hunt by starting with the most popular ones. Here are five of them:

. Facebook
. MySpace
. Friendster
. Multiply
. Hi5

Yoname, Spokeo and Wink are third-party websites that allow you to crawl through social networking sites in search of people. These should help speed up your search.

Online Public Records – Use Them Wisely

Did you know that there are online public records that allow you to more extensively investigate a person’s background? Armed with only a person’s name and birth date, you can dig into his or her driving history, employment background, educational background and even hospital records. Here are four websites to get you started:

. ZabaSearch
. Google
. CriminalSearches

Death Records

Considering the slight possibility that the person you are looking for may have already passed away, try searching through online death records and grave listings.

DeathIndexes contains a wide database of death records organized by city and state. They offer death certificate indexes, obituary listings, burial records and even death notices.
You can also try looking for graves through individual cemetery websites. To speed up your look, try visiting FindAGrave and, which are websites that contain cemetery listings.

Visit Job Webpages

If you happen to know where the person you are looking for works, you can obtain some of his contact information by tracking down the specific company he works for or the industry he is part of. Jobster contains listings of job positions both by name and by industry. If the person you are hunting for is employed or is hunting for a job, chances are you’ll find him on that website. Many websites contain listings of job positions and job hunters. Jobster is one such website. If you know where the identity you are hunting for is employed, try going through their company profiles on this website to get viable contact information.

ZoomInfo is a similar website. What’s more interesting about ZoomInfo is that it lists down all affiliations a person has. Even if the identity you are looking for no longer works for a certain company, you can still find his records there through ZoomInfo.

Make the Most of Google Search

Almost all social networking sites, forums and discussion groups, blogs, and personal webpages are indexed by search engines, most especially by Google. This is why you should use Google to your advantage.

To find web pages that mention a person’s name, just enter the first name and last name enclosed in quotes on the Google search field. For example, if you’re looking for someone named John Doe, just enter “John Doe” (with quotes) on the search field.

Google Custom Search Engines can help you consolidate your searches. Just create and set up your search engine to crawl through the webpages mentioned in the previous paragraphs and you have yourself a re-usable “person hunter” right at your fingertips.

These are five sure-fire methods to track someone down; but the hunt doesn’t stop there. There are still other ways with which you can find someone online. Stalking, after all, is pretty serious business.

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Good Spots To Search For Ex-Wives On The Internet

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This article was published on 2010/12/22